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Posted by Joanna Markessinis (1 decade ago)

I purchased a palm tree furniture throw to use on my bed. I am disabled and spend much of my time in bed with my little pekingese. To make a long story short the spread was made in China. The dog's ears were severely chemically burned. I was supposedly transferred to "Upper management" to a man named Vince Smith. He assured me I would be refunded the price of the throw, all vet bills would be paid and the issue would be forwarded to their insurance company, The Hartford, for "investigation." The Hartford stated that since Collections only sold the product and did not manufacture it, they would not be held responsible. Case Closed. They were very rude and caustic. I snapped at the girl that if Collections decided to import poison from China and sell it to their customers and their customers died they would be held blameles????? What kind of stupid reasoning is that? You import a product from China, it damages someone, you pay their doctor (or vet bills in this case) and the matter is concluded. They did not see it that way. They feel that since they did not manufacture the throw they have no responsibility. Vince Smith - if that is really his name, has refused to return my calls. My poor little dog spent days SCREAMING in agony. My vet has thoroughly investigated this, examined the throw which is still out gassing, and alerted me that the throw was dipped in chemicals of the benzene/hexane family. Highly flammable and potentially fatal. It is very possible if an infant had been laid down on this spread, it's skin would be severely blistered, the baby could go into anaphylactic shock, it's respiratory system would be adversely effected or shut down completely, if the baby chewed on the throw like babies do, the infant could die. This company has refused to remove this item from the market. Once again, an item from China is causing damage to Americans and this company washes it's hands of the matter. Since this was during EAster I cannot but remember when watching "The Passion of The Christ" how the Roman governor of the province, )after Christ had been tortured, scourged, beaten and was barely able to stand he was in such agony) publicly washed his hands to indicate he had no responsibility in the crucifixion of our Lord and turned Christ over to the mob. Collections is cut from the same cloth. Once something leaves their warehouse and ends up in your home whatever happens is your problem no matter how egregious or how much pain their item causes.

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Posted by Diana Dunn (3 years ago)

False Advertisement

I received a catalog from Collections Etc. indicating "ITEMS ARE $14.99 or LESS'' however, when I went to place my order, the price was quoted as $16.99. When I contacted customer service about the discrepancy in price. Their answer was "the majority of our items are priced at $14.99, however, there are others that are priced under or above.'' Customer Service answer was basically my question, not an answer. They gave no reason as to the discrepancy in price or their False Advertisement.

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