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CatGenie 120 Coupons & Promotion Codes

CatGenie 120Check out the most voted plus up-to-date CatGenie 120 coupons & promotion codes current available for July 2020. You can also check out customer reviews for CatGenie 120.

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Newest Deals/Coupons has the Cat Genie 120 self-cleaning "LITTER BOX" for a great discount price of less than $280 with free shipping and no tax (unless you live in one of the few states that Amazon has a physical presence). This is a great deal since on they're selling the new CatGenie 120 model for $329. Even after a 10% coupon it's still going to go for $299.
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Saved $19 thank you. Used the savings to get an extra SaniSolution SmartCartridge.
Sweet deal, just ordered it for $235. My little meow meow purrs in delight in anticipation of using it :-P
Looks like the deal is back. Got Cat Genie for $249 with free shipping. My Kitty says meow-meow and I say thanks!
Says "currently unavailable", so after some deliberation and research I bought the Litter Robot instead. Got the Chase Amazon CC so pretty much 3% cash-back as well.

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Cat Genie 120
We have this Cat Genie 120 cat box for several weeks now and so far it's been working great. A little loud but it definitely works well in saving you time. Another minus is how the plastic pellet litter gets draged out by our cats, and we have the Genie Dome- so I can't imagine how bad it'd be without the GenieDome lid on. But overall I'm pleased with the Cat Genie. We had a Litter Robot II and it broke down after almost 2 years of use (the warranty was for 1 and a half years)....
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