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Butcher Block Co Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Posted by Shagerty (9 years ago)

Customer service horrable

Customer service which is the same as management was extremely unprofessional. She did not listen to my claims. She only talked over me and repeated what sounded like a stock written message.

This company advertises somewhat good furniture and when something is wrong, once you receive item, YOU END UP PAYING up to 35% of the cost in returns and re stocking fee's if its not what you signed up for... LET ALONE DAMAGED items.. i can only imagine those fees.

Go to any place but this to purchase online furniture because this one is highly unreliable and out to get your money.


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Posted by cbandy (10 years ago)

I was very disappointed with this company's product and service (or I should say lack of service). This purchase was supposed to be the highlight of our remodel, but after receiving the first item damaged we were the ones who had to take on the work to return the original piece only to receive the second countertop ALSO damaged from packaging. The company was unwilling to assist us the second time around and it is quite disgusting when you pay over $1000 for a product that is ultimately damaged.

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Posted by Maggie (9 years ago)

Untrustworthy site and sales team

As i was nervous buying a island online i called the sales company to clarify what i was looking for in an island and they had me believe that what i was buying was a black granite top island when really it turned out to be a wooden top island.

After spending a good amount of time making sure the sales representative UNDERSTOOL what i was talking about stating, "I would like to have a black granite top island to match my Black granite top kitchen"... she guarenteed me that it was what i was saying and that i could return it if anything was wrong.

Finally when the island got to me, It turned out that this island had a light wooden top with a black granite cutting board. So i wasted weeks and time, money- they still made me pay two different kind of fees.

The manager sounded like some sort of machine w/ no tone in her voice. She didnt seem to care that her sales people were not giving out the right information on products.

A waste of time, money. I wouldnt trust this place or buying online here- I feel like they just wanted to make a sale and no good customer service.

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