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Birkat Elyon Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Posted by Lani (8 years ago)

Where is my ring and where is customer service

I ordered a ring from the manufacturer, spoke to them and they assured me it would be sent out in a little more than a week.

Two weeks later I received my credit card statement and it was charged to the card, but no correspondence from the company.

I Found it funny there was no Fed Ex tracking number, Gave it time considering there was major weather problems in NYC, still no tracking number.

Went to the Fed Ex office and there was no record of the ring being registered with Fed Ex.

Called my credit card company and disputed the charges immediately.

No one was answering my calls.

Would not do business with this company.

  • No return calls
  • No Fed Ex tracking number and no record of this package being shipped
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    15 out of 18 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Danielle M (8 years ago)

    Still waiting for my refund

    I placed an order the first week of November and because of hurricane Sandy the order was delayed. I expected there would be a delay but I was hoping that after a reasonable amount of time I would at least receive some notification regarding the status of my purchase especially since the payment went through immediately. 3 weeks later I finally received my package and though it was ok I decided to return it. It took nearly a week to get a hold of anyone to get the RA# that they require you to get before returning anything and keep in mind you only have 10 days, not 10 business days but 10 days to return your item for a full refund. Finally I got the RA# and shipped it back per their instructions, the item was signed as received on 11/27. I still have not received my credit. I tried several times to contact customer service and it wasn't until 12/12 after several emails that I rec'd a response stating a credit had been initiated on 12/9. I was told it would take 5 days to credit, as of 12/20 I still have not received my credit nor have I been able to get a hold of customer service to find out why. Their website still indicates they are having difficulties with their phone lines but c'mon, it's been nearly a month and I have not received my credit. I will never do business with Birkat Elyon again.

  • Product ordered was pretty
  • Cons:
  • Customer service is slow to respond to e-mail or telephone calls. It has taken many attempts on several different occasions to get any response
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    5 out of 7 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Michelle D. (1 decade ago)

    My husband found this company through your site. He blew me away when I opened my anniversary gift and saw the necklace he bought from Birkat Elyon.

    I though I would post a review since your site as it inspired him to buy from Birkat Elyon. THANK YOU!

    Order No: ***06

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    9 out of 15 people said 'YES'


    Posted by John (3 years ago)

    Just as promised, highly recommended!

    I ordered this online, it arrived within 3 weeks, came across the boarder to Canada without delay or duties (maybe I got lucky?).

    I see a number of poor reviews here, but that was deinitley not my experience. The ring looks even better than on the website - nice design and beautiful looking stones. I suggest keeping the stone size reasonable (under 2 ct) if you don't want it to look unbelievable! :-)

    Order Date: 2017-05-15

    Date Received: 2017-05-29

  • As good or better than promised - looks great
  • came FedEx
  • well packaged and in nice box.
  • Cons:
  • Not one
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    2 out of 2 people said 'YES'

    Canada flag   Review came from Canada.

    Posted by Rozanne M (7 years ago)

    Beautiful but disappointed

    We purchased an engagement ring and two wedding bands. The engagement ring is a smaller stone size that I requested and was absolutely beautiful. However it is now 2 years since the purchase and I am very disappointed. I do not wear my rings when doing any kind of dirty work, (cleaning, gardening, painting, anything with chemicals, etc.) and have now noticed a small chip on the edge and scratches. I must note that they are not noticeable to others but when I clean the ring and look at it, I notice it. Very disturbing. What will this ring look like in 5 years, 10 years, etc. I also question that this maybe a sample and not the real product the company sells.

    In addition I have contacted Rebecca Daniels several times during the first 6 months requesting a copy of the invoice for the first wedding band and engagement ring. In the process of moving out of state, retiring, and getting married this paper work was misplaced. I was not able to obtain this paperwork.

    Bought: DR2154W wedding bands
    Engagement ring princess cut (do not have paperwork)

    Order Date: 2011-08-15

    Date Received: 2011-08-29

  • beautiful stone

  • many compliments
  • does not look fake or cheap
  • Cons:
  • terrible customer service

  • question quality due to scratch and chip
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    4 out of 6 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Marcia (5 years ago)

    Poor customer service

    I was due a 10% discount and never received it after several texts to Rebecca. I thought it was just because her father was ill but I see others have had the same problem with her. Good news is that the ring is stunning in platinum.

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    Posted by mrsg (8 years ago)

    Still Working Even After Hurricane Sandy

    These folks continued to work in a building with only a little power to get orders out while their city was blasted by a HURRICANE folks.

    Are you offering any comments on the quality of the product? I'll wait while they get back on their feet-and pray they do...from what I read-there IS NO problem with the amazing beauty. Correct?

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    2 out of 4 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Marianne (8 years ago)

    No active coupons but GREAT jewelry

    It's a shame that this Site is promoting a Long out of date special offer but the merchant's cz jewelry is still a fantastic bargain compared to diamond equivalents. Recommended!

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    4 out of 7 people said 'NO'


    Posted by carrie (9 years ago)

    Phenom!!!!my 1st ring beyond beautiful!!!My soon to be ordered 2nd ring; I am sure will be lovely too. Perfect customer service from Rebecca; no where else like it in the USA!!!! LESS expensive than a Florida store with some of the Birkat Elyon products!

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    15 out of 26 people said 'NO'


    Posted by GENE C (1 decade ago)


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    27 out of 44 people said 'NO'


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