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Billion Dollar Babes Review + Feedback & Discussion

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User-Submitted Reviews of Billion Dollar Babes & Testimonials

Posted by tj (10 years ago)

I had a similar experience to the previous poster. I bought something (quite pricey), from the BDB website and although I received an order confirmation, I didn't ever hear anything again. After a month I emailed them asking what had happened. After getting their automated reply stating that they would contact me about my email within 24 hours, there was no follow up email. So I emailed them again and received a very curt reply saying that if I didn't want my order that they would refund my money. I told them that I still wanted my order but was just checking because it had been over a month and I hadn't heard anything. They then wrote back and said that the item I bought was on backorder and that if I was going to be so impatient, they would refund my money. What???? I told them I still wanted my order and that nobody had ever told me that it was backordered (seriously - these kind of site don't do backorders). I knew they were full of it but told them to let me know when the item came in. It's now been another month and they still haven't contacted me. I knew the whole "backorder" thing was BS and I'm sure they'll never contact me again. The most annoying part of all was their attitude - not a bit apologetic and almost angry - as if the whole thing was my fault, as if I was being impatient. Whatever. They rarely have anything even worth buying and the one time I found something I wanted to buy, I never even got it. Horrible customer service!

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Posted by C.G. (10 years ago)

This company doesn't even deserve a rating of 1 - dealing with them has been the absolute WORST customer service experience I have ever had in my life! I employ the use of several online sale sites and have never once had an experience this aggravating. I placed my initial order early on in the month and was surprised a month later when my order had not arrived and I had not received any communication from Billion Dollar Babes, particularly as I had read on their website "you can definitely RSVP "yes" to that gallery opening in 3 weeks. You'll have something to wear." At this point in time (1 month after my initial order) I called the company who assured me they would look into it and someone would respond to my questions and order promptly. After 2 weeks of no communication, I called again. The person on the line acknowledged that they had not sent me an e-mail, though their records indicated that one was promised. He personally promised a follow up e-mail within 5 minutes. After another 2 hours of no communication, I called back where I was told that the vendor was experiencing a delay (some delay!) and that my package should arrive within a week. I asked why they hadn't notified me about the delay and they said that they were not aware of it. So at this point, I have learned that they not only drop the ball when following up with clients concerns but also pay no attention whatsoever to the status of their shipments. And at the end of this miserable exchange, not a thing was offered as an apology; no store credit, no free shipping, nothing. Simply an "I do apologize" and, quite frankly, an indifferent and bored attitude from the representative. While I'm still within the 1 week frame, this sort of customer service is absolutely inexcusable. I have never experienced an ounce of trouble with Gilt Group and highly recommend their services or signing up for Sale Mail - ANYTHING BUT Billion Dollar Babes if you ever want to see your order!

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