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Asian Beauties Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Posted by paul (7 years ago)

fake site

the site is a fake site, i spend nearly two month on the site. i have spend close to two thousands dollar, in two month i have befriend a few of the girls on the web site and still are, and continued the friendship with them outside the site now. and most of them no longer work for the site anymore. the truth is that they all are just translator which the site hired working in many different location through China. they call it satellite office, and each office has about 15 translator and each is responsible up to 5 girls which they represent. if you pay attention you will notice the girls always online the same time everyday, like a time clock, punch in and punch out same time. also you will notice they respond to you very slow when you chat with them, and they will always tell you their internet is slow. which is a lie, it's because sometimes they are having conversation with five different guys at the same time. and also because you are getting charge by the minutes, so they will try to keep you on as long as they can. i do feel sorry for the girls who work for the site, they work ten hours day and most of them works everyday. and they only getting pay so little, less than 500 us dollars a month. most of them are real good hearted girls. but be very aware the site is fake.

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Posted by Aron (9 years ago)

I really dont understand it. I have to pay every time in able to read an internal email from a lady or when I send a email within the site. all conversations written in the emails are carefully filtered and deleted so I may not contact the lady and get any personal info from them and vice versa. I cant even fly to china without paying Asian Beauties to let them fix a meeting with the woman, even if I pay for this "meeting", the site cannot promise me that the meeting will happen, I will get my money back for the meeting but what about trouble and travel costs? I´ve spotted similarities between some users too. I wonder if there´s any real women answering or is the site just creating the answers themselves..

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Sweden flag   Review came from Sweden.

Posted by Pierre (9 years ago)

I'm a dissatisfied customer. I complained to your company about fake responses from ladies from China, and you guys told me to provide the ladies ID. When I tried logging in a couple of months ago, you guys deactivated my account although I still have money in my account. I wrote many more emails asking for reactivation of my account so that I can scan and look for the girls' Id to provide you for investigation. You guys kept mum. Each time I called your customer service, they will ask me to open a ticket, but I would still receive no response although your ticketing system says response is expected within 24 hours.

Your customer service people also told me that y account is deactivated pending investigation about my complaint to PayPal. If that's so, what took you guys so long to investigate, and why kept mum to my email inquiries????

Apparently, this looks like a scam to me now. I'd not hesitate to blow this matter up if you guys still choose to keep mum.

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I had a criminal experience with Asian Beauties that turned out a blessing for me. To begin, is a total SCAM. After inquiring with the U.S. Dept. of Justice & State I have been told that this site is run by the russian mafia hiding behind a cloak; TheIMBRA Act of 2005 & operating in a country (CYPRUS)where they remain immune from prosecution. They say they are an international dating service but actually they broker these women's visitation rights with the client,if you arrange to go to China to visit you are subject to a thorough background check and charged a fee just to visit. To compound the crimnality the site is under no obligation to have your chosen lady(s) even show up! They say the fee is refundable but good luck getting it back from people who run for the hills when a legitimate claim is filed to them. Please, do not get involved as I spent thosands of dollars and have nothing to show for it! These people are pond scum that you need not get involved with in any manner,way,shape or form! Remember..CAVEAT EMPTOR!

4 out of 4 people said 'YES'

Singapore flag   Review came from Singapore.

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