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Posted by Tamera (9 years ago)

My agent is new and trying to get everyone to sign up for this. It honestly looks like a waste of money, but Ill probly do it anyway to appease her. By the way the previous comment that came from Srikanth Naidu whom claims to be an agent...well it was super easy to look him up online, he is a computer programmer and is obviously someone connected to the site, not an agent as he claims.

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11 out of 14 people said 'YES'


Posted by Michelle (10 years ago)

There are significantly better online resume sites for performers and models. Their interface is extremely dated and unattractive and their price is completely unreasonable for what the service actually is - a small piece of hosted space for a page on a website. Their traffic ranking is horrid (check and for anyone looking to gain attention for their craft (modeling/acting/music), this site is not the place to do it. There is no actual assistance in getting roles that 800casting provides. It is literally just an online resume and there are 100s of ways to set a better looking one up for free! Beware of their autorenew policy too. They don't remind you when your account is coming up for autorenewal, so it just happens on its own by the time you've forgotten how useless a service it is.

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I would suggest that you have an actual agent prior to signing up with 800-Casting and spending the money. I can honestly say that castings DO come from their site. Call any southeast agent's office and just ask. EVERYTHING is online now!!! ActorsAccess, CastingFrontier, LACasting...

12 out of 16 people said 'YES'


Posted by artsymom (9 years ago)

My daughter's profile appears on 800 casting at the request of her agent. It is indeed only a venue for agents, casting directors and other industry professionals to view talent. Talent does not have any access to casting calls or agents from this site but I do understand that industry professionals seeking talent do review the site. There are indeed other sites like Actors Access that allow you, the talent, to directly submit for a role which 800 casting does not. I also believe 800 casting is used by talent and casting agents more in the southeast region of the US so I would recommend considering using it in conjunction with other venues and not exclusively. After all the more a profile is seen the more likely the chance you will get a call for an audition.

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Have you received any auditions from 800 casting? Thanks for any information.

6 out of 9 people said 'YES'


Posted by Srikanth Naidu (9 years ago)

It appears the previous author is either a jealous competitor or someone who has no actual knowledge of either 800 casting or how their network functions. As a talent agent, I can assure you there's no better software on the market for agents or talent. I have never heard a complaint from talent, in fact, I have heard only positive remarks. If you're a talent agent looking for the best software available, you might want to contact them directly.

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Above response from Srikanth came from India! That should be a red flag to all!!!!!!

20 out of 27 people said 'NO'

India flag   Review came from India.

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