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Coupon Instructions: How & Where to Enter Promo Codes for Specific Sites/Stores (P. 9)


    First go ahead and select the width of your shoes and then size. Add to cart and then click on "Check out" when you are ready. In cart, to the upper left of the "New Customers" area is a box to paste in your Coupon Code. Click the blue Apply button to proceed- note that you cannot stack multiple coupons- the cart will remove the previously entered code if you try to do so.

  • Bobs Bicycles

    To use your Bob's Bicycles Discount Code, you have to first select your items and then add to cart. There go ahead and paste your coupon in the box and click the "Add" button to see your discount. Your shipping should be complimentary unless you live in USA but not in the contiguous 48 states. In that case the shipping will range from $9 to $13 depending on your order amount.


    Proceed to their clearance section to view their selection of savinged items. When you are setting up a new account, you can enter your Catalog or Source Code. At the credit card payment page there is the field that you can enter your Bodhi Lifestyle Shop Canada Coupon Code. Press CONTINUE to have the coupon-derived discount show up on the order preview page.


    Their sale area will contain products with deal-based discounts. When checking out, Bodhi Lifestyle Shop Source Code can be used when the billing address is entered. Shipping will cost around $8. At the payment page you can enter the BODHI Lifestyle Coupon Code. The proceeding page will show the saving you got via the coupon.

    Bodhi Lifestyle Shop sells yoga & strength training items & accessories with exercise clothing also available via

  • Body Body

    Make use of your Coupon Code right in cart. If you do not have a promotional code, however, do not worry- simply click the back button in cart and you will be asked if you would like a 5% off discount. Click "YES" and you will see your saving inserted between the subtotal and the total.

  • Body Guardz

    Click the offer link and view the protection product with the saving pricing. If a code is required, you can enter the BODYGUARDZ Coupon in cart. Apply to get the discount for for the skin/case. You should also get free shipping as well.


    View the special discount on the promoted body-building product after clicking on the link. Select your flavor if applicable and then add to cart. Be sure to reach $75 to get a free gift. If you have a Promotional Code, click the link as shown in the screenshot, and then a box will appear. Type in your coupon code and click "Claim Coupon" to activate.

  • Boncy Boutique

    Select your dress size and color, then click the pink "ADD TO SHOPPING BAG". In your bag above the shipping method section is where you are able to enter in your Boncy Boutique Coupon Code. To realize your discount, hit the pink APPLY button after code input.

    Bouncy Boutique sells a wide range of dresses for various ocassions and in hundreds of styles on the web from

  • Bonsoir of London

    Go through promotional link and confirm your offer price. Tip: Visit the "Special Offers" area at for additional price reduced items. Select your colour and size if necessary, then add to basket. You can enter your Bonsoir London Voucher Code there to the right of the "Quick Checkout" option.

    Bonsoir of London specializes in night gowns and pajamas for women with items available on the web from


    Click on the special deal link to proceed to the promotionally-priced discounted books. Once you add a book into cart, you will be asked to log in or create an account. Afterwards you can enter the Coupon Code in the Discount Options section below your cart content. Note that the box should already be filled in automatically by virtue of click on the link. Otherwise you can enter a different coupon to try.

  • Boost Mobile

    View the on-sale Boost phones through the offer link. Enter your ZIP to verify availability in your area, and then you will be taken to your cart. Now you can enter in the Boost Mobile Promo Code, then click the black "Apply Code" button. The Promotional Discount will then show up above your subtotal once the coupon is accepted.

    Boost Mobile is a leader in the no-contract wireless voice and data communications industry with advanced Android and Blackberry phones available online via


    8 years ago, Justin wrote:

    This code worked on the ones that didn't have a specific promo code that offered 15% or 20% off. I got the Kyocera Innuendo for $45 after $5 discount thanks to this coupon.

  • Booster Bath

    Click through promotional link underneath, then select your Booster Bath (large or small) and any accessories such as the booster step. Click "ORDER NOW", then press "checkout". Fill in your email address and billing address, then click "continue to next step". On the following page there is a box to enter your BoosterBath Discount Code above the shipping method selection drop-down. Enter code and apply and see your price on the upper right hand corner get discounted.

    The Booster Bath is an innovative bathing platform for dogs of all sizes that aim to make life easier when washing your furry friend- available from

  • Boston Acoustics

    Add your item to cart, then look to the right side where you will find an entry field to input your Promotional Code. After the code is filled in, give that red APPLY button a click and observe your discount take effect.

    Boston Acoustics sells quality audio products such as speakers and soundbars online via

  • Bottega Verde

    Go through the promo link, and add items to cart. We recommend checking out their gift product packs even if you are to enjoy yourself as they could be heavily savinged. In cart, view your free products and look to the bottom left where there is a box to enter your Bottega Verde Promo Code. Apply and see your discount show up as a separate line item.

    Bottega Verde provides skin care and bath and beauty products on the web from

  • Bottled Up Designs

    There several ways to save at They have a mailing list which at last check gave a saving for your first order if you subscribed. You can also use use the Bottled UP Designs Coupon in the shopping cart to achieve a discount. There is no tax unless you are delivering to Pennsylvania.

    Bottled Up Designs makes unique art work/jewelry out of recycle glass and sells them online via

  • Boutique To You

    Use the offer link to get to the celebrity clothing being promoted. Confirm your discount and add to cart. Enter your Coupon Code if needed, then click the apply button in pink. Do note that if you use a coupon this store will not allow you to return/exchange the item.

  • Bowery Lights

    Using the link to take you to the coupon-applicable lighting products, go ahead and select and add to cart. Once you get to the shipping & payment page, look below the payment options radio buttons to find the box to type in the Bowery Lights Coupon Code. Click continue to see the discount on the following step.


    8 years ago, Petra wrote:

    This coupon worked perfectly today, I'm actually a little surprised. Saved $32.40.


    Select your shirt style, then pick the size and add to cart. In cart, you can enter your Discount Code above the Sub-Total. After entry, click UPDATE then you will see a new line item called "Discount Value" with a negative money value appear. sells a wide selection of shirts for bowling with numerous styles and customizable shirts available also.


    9 years ago, Debbie wrote:

    This discount code saved $5.99 off on my retro bowling shirt. Cheers!


    Click through discount links below to locate deals at After you select the size for your item and add to cart, press the green CHECKOUT button. Enter your address and click CONTINUE. Pick your way of shipping (tip: get free delivery on $100 orders), and on the page that follows, look below "Payment Type" and you will be able to enter your BraceShop Discount Code. Hit Recalculate to see your saving below in the "Order Preview" section.


    Get the list of bread-making machines with promotional pricing via the offer link. Their SALE page has additional products with savings. In cart you will see the activated saving. You can also type in a Breadman Coupon Code here and apply to get discount based upon the code. is the official online store for the Breadman bread-maker electronic machine with 6 different models available ranging from the 2LB to the Bakery Pro.