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Fix for Canon MX922 Google Cloud Print Problem

Posted on Monday, March 14, 2016 @ 02:27:44 AM CDT by David Yee [] [read 4514 times]

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The Canon Pixma MX922 Multifunction printer does it all- print, copy, scan and fax. It even does Google Cloud Print (GCP), which to-date is the only way to print from a Chromebook. We had gifted both to a relateve (Steve), but unfortunately he could not the Chromebook to print. Steve even bought a USB cable, but obviously he didn't know about the severely limited printing functionality for Chrome OS systems. So when we visited Steve recently, I decided to try and get the Asucks Chromebook. Ooops I meant ASUS- a slip of the tongue, stemming the extremely poor customer service I had received from the company.

I looked at the printer- it is a massive, and looks larger than many PC's today. It has a nice, bright control panel, which helped. First, I had to get the printer to talk to Steve's wireless network, so I navigated to the Wifi setup section, picked his access point, then entered the password via the keypad. It took longer than expected to connect, but it did.

Next, still on the printer, I navigated to the "Web Services" section and located the Google Clould Print option. I went ahead began the registration process, but it would always end with a message such as "Server Unavailable - Try Again Later". Then I tried Canon's own "Print from Email" webs service, and that printed out an authentication URL. Unfortunately Steve gave me the wrong email address and that botched the entire process. When I tried again, many times, it would also give the same server error message.

I looked around the web and noticed that there are people out there in 2016 when are having the same problem getting the MX922 to work with Google Cloud Print. Some suggested setting DNS setting for the printer to (Google's own public DNS server), but I checked and it had already been set to that by factory default. I kind of gave up and told him that he pretty much needs to buy a newer model printer that supports GCP.

The next day, I decided to try again. This time I looked through all of the settings on the printer, and located "firmware update". I selected it it and then picked "Install Update". After about 10 minutes it had successfully downloaded and installed the newest firmware (version 3.1)- the old one was something like version 2.2- I forget the exact number. With new hope, I tried to get Google Cloud Print working again- and it did this time. It printed out an authentication URL on paper, which then I was able to use and register the printer under Steve's e-mail address. We then tried printing from Chrome. The default was "Save to PDF", but we were able to change it to output to the MX922 printer instead. Printing was not instantaneous- it took about 30 seconds after sending the job before the printing began. But hey, at least it worked! One thing I noticed is that the printer has a tendency to go to sleep after several minutes of inactivity, so we had to press the power button to ensure it goes back online before trying to print again. Otherwise the printer will be grayed out when trying to print from the Chromebook.

So if you having issues with the Canon MX922 (or any other Canon printer that supports GCP), be sure to update its firmware. That worked wonders in this case.

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Posted by AllanA (5 months ago)

Got the same issues here!


I'm struggling with the same thing here, but I'm not able to print. Are you sure about the firmware number? I have version 3.011 and I'm getting NOWHERE with printing. All the steps for setting it up was followed and liked by google, but can't print. Any ideas?

Bought: Canon PIXMA MX922

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