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Prevent International Data Charges on T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan

Posted on Friday, September 18, 2015 @ 02:59:18 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 4944 times]

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T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plan is a terrific option for those who travel out of the country a lot on business or vacation. For instance if you go on cruises you will find it quite indepensible to have access to Google or Apple Maps while roaming around exploring a foreign port city, trying to access your pre-planned points of interest. Also the fact that T-Mobile recently added twenty additional countries to this plan. One new one I've noticed include Croatia which was not there last year.

For the past two years, after returning from Europe cruises, I've noticed that my T-Mobile bill garner oddball data roaming charges even though I had only used data in the free countries (all the ones in Europe are now free, BTW). Much of this was charged on the cship by the cruise line's "Cellular at Sea" service, but no way we were getting legit data from that because you had to purchase an Internet Wi-Fi plan to go online from your device. Also if you ever get a voicemail, you would be accessed $5.99, even though you did not call to check- talk about a bunch of crock. I was able to complain to customer service and they did take out the invalid charges, but not without the "next time we won't do this" warning. I also requested each time to have T-Mobile block these fraudulent data charges but they would say that the only option is to block international roaming all together, which would defeat the purpose of the only perk that keeps me with this company & its Simple Choice plan- free 3G data abroad.

Today I logged into My T-Mobile and noticed to check my bill, and noticed that I was able to change my plan to "Simple Choice North America" for the same $50 a month price. It was a no-brainer as that plan gives you free talk and text to any other North American country, but it was strange how they didn't just automatically switch over my plan. So I encourage you do that when you get the chance.

While navigating around, I got a notice on the My T-Mobile page indicating that I had not set an email for my account. That is very strange because I just got an email from them today with the subject of "Upgrade to iPhone 6s". So I went to the PROFILE page (link on the upper right) and as you can see my email is right there under the Name section, which peculiarly, was set to "none". So I entered my name in there, and that was when I noticed a new option called "Blocking" on the left.

I clicked it and it had a description of "Prevent this device from receiving specific communications and downloads". First option was to block International Roaming, which was I imagine the same as what CSRs offered to do for me over the phone. But the second option was interesting: Block charge international roaming. There was no description for this feature but it sounds like it would block any possible bogus charges from cruise ship cell towers or any possible accidental data roaming charge incurred at a country not covered by Simple Choice. So I ticked the option to "ON", and you should too right away. This seems like a new-ish feature by T-Mobile that is better late than never. I do wish they fix this weird "No email address has been stated. Some features may not be available until one is added" message on the account pages, however. But at least they were right about the notification about no E911 address added- I have now entered that info in just to be safe.

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