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Customer comments and reviews about and their service and shipping speed.
Posh Moda sells hand bags and accessories for women online at

How is the price of the products/service offered compared to the competition? (10 = cheapest found, 5 = average) - 9 people rated the prices offered by the store a score of 6.73
How long did it take for you to get a reply from customer service? - 31 hours on average experienced by 9 people hour(s)
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Submit a Poshmoda review & rating re: good/bad customer service, price w/ discounts, coupons and promotions + the quality / effectiveness of the product(s)/service(s). Have you been scammed by PoshModa? You can write a Poshmoda complaint or post a warning about Poshmoda including Poshmoda's service or product safety. Or as a happy client you can describe the great products & services offered. Share your feedback with others.

Poshmoda Rating: 3.9/5 (108 votes cast) [58 votes came from reviews]

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