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Posted by Anna Ellis (9 years ago)

I bought tickets through etix for another presale for a Julian Casablancas concert. For the order - I wanted three tickets - in the end I received a receipt for six!

The only thing I could have done was that I pressed "back" when I got the order detail page showing the ticket price plus all of the charges including shipping -

the reason I pressed back was because I debated switching to "will call" versus "by mail". I ended up keeping the tickets "by mail", and came back to the order total page - AND THEN came to the page WHICHED SHOWED THE ORDER TOTAL and how many tickets I ordered, with the additional form to give my shipping and payment information.

I pressed "confirm" once (because we're always warned to not press it more than once right for anything bought on-line right?) and everything went through... Twice.

I sent an e-mail right away explaining my panic. I got a return e-mail promptly - giving me back $78 for the extra three tickets. Which sounded nice. However,the e-mail ended: "Please note that convenience charges cannot be refunded." Convenience charges at 8.25 per ticket was about another $25!!! For something that I was not responsible for!!!

I should have waited the extra day and bought tickets through ticketmaster (which would've been the same price - though cheaper now considering the three extra "convenience charges")

Anna Ellis

Order #:23269653

Benton Harbor, MI

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Posted by Carl James (6 years ago)

Poor Service/Communication

I have been trying, since before I even received an e-mail confirmation, to get a refund on two tickets I bought for a concert. I am unable to attend due to a work conflict. These tickets require that I present my ID and credit card to gain access to the concert. I cannot resell these tickets or even give them away. This is a sold out show the promoter would have no problem selling to someone else. I have been denied a refund, and for 3 weeks no supervisor would respond to me. Only when I mentioned I sent a Facebook message to the band did a supervisor contact me. Then there is only an apology for "the inconvenience."

What I deserve is a meaningful apology for no contact from a supervisor when I asked for it repeatedly several weeks ago. That would not have cost them any money. I just the same it's not our fault I kept getting from Mr. Berry.

Etix agreed to the very unfriendly arrangement made with the promoter. This comes with the risk of creating a poor customer experience. Refusing to rectify it is entirely on Etix since I am completely unable to deal with "the promoter" directly.

I said that failure to take care of me would lead to my dissatisfaction becoming public and I am now following through with this.

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I left off the order #:

RE: Refund Request - 41748543 - 91.9 WFPK PRESENT MUMFORD & SONS
Serial # Section Row Seat Price Conv. Fee Date Performance
6737655569 $40.00 $7.00 August 13, 2012 6:30 PM 91.9 WFPK PRESENT MUMFORD & SONS
6737655645 $40.00 $7.00 August 13, 2012 6:30 PM 91.9 WFPK PRESENT MUMFORD & SONS

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Posted by @AnnaEllis (8 years ago)

For anyone that gets put in such a situation as Anna Ellis, call customer service and ask for your money back for the extra "convenience fees". Inform them that if you don't get it then you will initiate a chargeback through your credit card company for the "convenience fees". If they don't refund your money then do start a chargeback with your credit card company as they will not tolerate such antics. Especially if you consider that they will be getting the "convenience fee" for those tickets from the next customer.

On their own Terms & Conditions, they state:

"Convenience Charges

A convenience fee (service charge) is assessed for each ticket purchased for the ease of purchasing tickets remotely (either on a PC or by phone)., being an Internet-based ticketing company, has priced the convenience fee per ticket to be as low as possible so that the consumer does not pay more than is absolutely necessary."

As low as possible?! A ticket that is listed at "$135.00" is really $158.90 after adding their as low as possible convenience fees. A ticket listed at "$79.50" is really $99.05 after such fees. What makes it worse is that the box office for the event isn't selling tickets. They are only available online through eTix. Then you add in a "Delivery Fee" [regular mail] of $4.50 and an "Order Fee" of $4.85.

This is where another ticketing company got in trouble because people would get turned off by a ticket becoming more than 20% more expensive when they go to actually purchase the ticket.

As such, I did not purchase tickets and will instead wait until closer to the show and hope that the venue box office will sell tickets that get released the week of the show. Then at least I know what I'm actually buying.

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Posted by Katie (4 years ago)

Good Customer Service

I purchased tickets online to a concert which were for a friend. When I printed the tickets, they were in my name and I needed them to be in the name of the recipient. I called customer service and my problem was solved immediately and I was able to print the new tickets in the proper name. My experience with customer service could not have been any better and the person I spoke with was very understanding and courteous. Overall, it has been a very pleasant experience to purchase tickets through Etix.

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Posted by Dotty (8 years ago)

I paid for a ticket to the Seafood and Wine Festival in Newport, OR for February 25th and have not received an email which would enable me to print my ticket. Is there any help I can receive with this. I am now ticketless. Do I have to pay for another one? I have used this process in the past with no problem.


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Posted by Shelbie (8 years ago)

found it easy to navigate the site and find tickets

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