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Coupon Instructions: How & Where to Enter Promo Codes for Specific Sites/Stores (P. 16)


    Ready your Discount Watch Store Coupon Code for usage at the cart. Enter your zip code and verify that you are getting free shipping as well if your order is above the threshold. They also have a myriad of watches with special pricing- just visit their Clearance/On-Sale page.

    Discount Watch Store offers a wide variety of watches online at since 2002.

  • Discovery Store

    Proceed through category discount links below and look for products with some up to 62% off. Add your item(s) into cart and look for the Discover Store Promotion Code input area above the "Estimated Order Total". Press APPLY and look for the "Unit Price" of your products get a reduction in cost.

  • Distinctive Nurseries

    Go through coupon links below and locate your baby products. Tip: On their top navigation bar to the far right is a link to their on-sale products- take a look and see if there is any item there on your list. In the cart is the place that will let you enter the Promotion Code. Press "Go!" after code entry and look for your discount.

    Distinctive Nurseries is a leading web store offeringr baby bedding and nursery decor. began back in 2002 and has grown to offering over eleven-thousand items online.

  • Diva Diamonds

    Pass through promo links below and confirm your discount pricing. Select carat and other attributes, then place in cart. Look for the Diva Diamonds Coupon Number input field below the free jewelry cloth offer graphic in cart. Apply you coupon code # you will see your offer appear in red and your total price see an adjustment.

    Diva Diamonds crafts and makes available for sale a selection of diamond jewelry (including rings, earrings & pendants) made from diamonds that are certified at


    After clicking through the saving links below, confirm the discount on your beer kit on the landing page, then add to cart. Click "Checkout Now" and look below where it asks you to sign up for a newsletter to find the DIY Beer Promotion Code box. Enter your address and hit Continue to see the offer associated with the code.

    DIY Beer Coopers sells a customizable beer making kit enabling you to craft your own brew at home- available direct via

  • DNA EGF Renewal

    Go for the DNA EGF Renewal Protocol Collection to save nearly $40 plus get a free gift. In addition in cart you will notice the free shipping, plus the freebie. At this stage you can input your DNA EGF Coupon under the subtotal, then apply the coupon to receive the discount.

    DNA EGF Renewal uses DNA enzymes and growth factor to help with skin renewal and recovery available online from

  • DNA Footwear

    Go through the promo link and view the shoes that have the special pricing. After picking your size, place into your bag and begin checkout. After you enter your account info and bill-to/shipping address, you will reach the payment page. Look down and right above the black "Purchase Now" button is the entry box to put in your DNA Footwear Coupon Code. Press "Apply Coupon" and enjoy your discount.

    DNA Footwear is a leading online retailer offering quality shoes and footwear at


    2 years ago, nick wrote:

    this dna footwear coupon worked as advertised. was able to save $5.50 on a pair of vans classic.


    Feel free to fill up your order to 36 pounds as you will receive a reasonable flat-rate for shipping. There is also the clearance page with 11 categories of on-sale items. In shopping cart, under your items, enter the Promotional Code or Catalog Code. Press the red apply button to enable the discount via coupon.

  • Dogeared

    After filling out your billing information you will go to the shipping and payments page. Toward the bottom of the page is the Dogeared promotion key box. Enter in the code and see your discount on the proceeding page.

  • Dogfunk

    Click through promo/sale links below to locate some nice bargains. Set the options such as size for your item(s), then place in cart, then "continue checkout". On the "REVIEW AND PLACE YOUR ORDER" page, look in section 5 and you will see a link that says "Redemption Code? Click here to redeem.". Click on that link and a box will appear in the foreground as the background fades to gray. Enter your Redemption Code and click "Redeem".

    Dogfunk is an online store offering a broad selection of brand name Skateboards, Snowboards and Surfboards plus associated apparels for those sports at


    Personalize your leash/tag, then add to cart. Remember to order multiple tags in order to save on shipping. At cart you can submit a ad bonus above the Order Notes. Press Add Promo Code to get the discount to show up below Cart Sub-total.


    One way to shop is to look sort their rugs by lowest priced to view some attractive options without breaking the bank. The opportunity to enter your Domestic Modern Coupon Code is in step 2 of check out. Look for the coupon box above where a Trade account # could be entered.

    Domestic Modern sells a great selection of area rugs of various modern styles online from

  • DotBlock

    When you reach the pricing and sign up page, the Dotblock promo key input area is found under step 4 in the customer info section (right below the credit card entry). After the code is used, you will see your discount under order detail.

    Dot Block is a web hosting comapny that offers features that include fast processers with ample torage space and bandwidth online via


    Go through the offer link then pick your free books. Once you have selected the free ones, you will be taken to cart where there is an additional discount offer if you want an extra book. Take advantage by adding another title, then proceed to complete your enrollment.

    Double Day Book Club provides collections of books that are delivered to you monthly with a low-price offer to get you started via

  • Dr Leonards

    Remember to visit their Clearance Outlet page for just about 200 items on sale. When you are ready, in cart you can enter the Coupon Code right over the Join ShopSmart Club section. Enter and apply the coupon and look for your discount shown in red under the Merchandise Total. Unfortunately even though shipping can be free, there is still a handling charge and a fee for insuring your shipment.


    1½ year ago, Kayla wrote:

    Entered the code and it took $5 off saying "Thanksgiving Savings". I also got free shipping, but had to pay like $5 in handling, etc.

  • Driftwagon

    Signing up for an account is a requirement. Then you can access the clearance and other discounted items they offer. In cart you can enter your driftwagon Discount Code. Press the green "Apply Coupon" button to realize the savings that brought forth by the code.


    Step 2 of the checkout process is where you will find promo code box. You will see it underneath your product total and below gift card id. When you press enter, your discount is shown right away.


    Use the Drobo Store offer link and get you to the up-to-date promotions on Drobos and bundles. In cart, you can try adding your Promotional Code as well. If you do not think you need their DroboCare service you can save nearly $250 by removing the 3 year care package.

    Drobo makes powerful NAS-type products that enables to mix and match hard drives into a storage "robot" that is versatile and works fast available at


    Take advantage of the BXGX offer through the promo link. Confirm and add your vitamin supplements into cart- remember to get to the free shipping amount. In cart under the autodelivery message is where you can put in the Dr Sinatra Promotion Code. Press APPLY CODE to enable the coupon-derived discount.

    Dr. Sinatra offers a line of supplements that aim to benefit cardiovascular health available direct from


    1½ year ago, Doris wrote:

    Got 7 bottles of CogniBoost for my father and saved $50. Thanks.


    Add your HCG items into cart and note the expiration date. If the items seem to expire too early do not purchase it. You can also enter your Do-it-yourself HCG Discount Code at this juncture. After pressing "Apply Code" the order should now be affected by a code-based discount.

    DYI HCG offers Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet products online via