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Use msconfig.exe to disable programs that start automatically with Windows

Posted on Friday, July 13, 2001 @ 09:43:57 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 16928 times]

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MSConfig is an excellent utility that comes with Windows 9x and Windows Me. It gives you a graphical front-end to editing win.ini, system.ini, environment variable settings, and more. It is probably most useful as a tool to easily disable certain programs that startup automatically when Windows starts- definitely is easier and faster than digging through the startup folder and the registry. Unfortunately Windows 2000 does not come with msconfig.

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2004-07-16 22:23:37108Yes, and you can use the msconfig.exe from XP to configure 2000 as well. The msconfig from 98 works, but doesn't show as much and barks at you about what it can't do.
2003-12-28 18:15:3395but you can use a program to stop the programs
in windows xp
like "tune up"
2002-09-20 16:17:3255From webspike.

If you need the utility to remove the program from windows 2000 , XP . Please send me email i will send you the utility. This is very good utility. But if you find that utility good for you please donate 3 dollars to keep my site up .
Its just a donation. You can alwyas get free utility and there is no cost associated with it.
2002-08-15 20:51:2152BTW Windows XP does come with msconfig.
2001-11-26 06:49:4236Reply back at, very intersted!
2001-10-02 10:26:5434I actually came across the ACTUAL msconfig.exe utility from windows 2000 and it works perfectly.. If interested e-mail
2001-07-16 01:16:0928You can actually run the msconfig.exe from Win9x/Me on 2000 and it seems to work fine. I got an "Unable to launch RegEnv32.exe" error but that didn't seem to affect its most useful function of changing startup programs.