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Red Pocket Mobile Issue: "Need Initial Refill"

Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2017 @ 09:40:40 PM CST by David Yee [] [read 2552 times]

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Red Pocket Mobile offers some really attractive deals for light phone plan users. So when I discovered them in August earlier this year, I signed up my mom's phone (a Sprint Motorola Moto-e 2nd Gen) with the 100 voice minutes/100 texts/500 MB LTE plan. This was purchased via eBay for just $60.

There was a hiccup during activation- even though I provided the activation code along with the IMEI & ICCID, it would not work. We had to call customer service where the rep had to manually re-apply the code. But after that it seemed to work fine the few times she had used the phone.

Today she tried to use the phone, and got some sort of "Collect Call" message. So I logged into to the My Red Pocket Mobile portal, and it showed:

  • Account Status: Need Initial Refill

  • Account Plan: Annual $60 Plan

  • Even though it is an annual plan, started 3 months ago, it needed "initial refill"? My mom told me that she not used the phone for weeks, so I wondered if that had anything to do with it- it shouldn't though obviously.

    So I called customer service at 888-993-3888. After about 15 minutes on hold, I reached an agent. It took her another 15 minutes or so to set things right. When I complained that who knows how long the service had been inaccessible, she simply tried to skirt the issue, and then eventually hung up on me.

    Now I do have a personal phone (an iPhone) that I also have the Red Pocket Plan on, and it has worked well in the 1 1/2 months- no issues. Though that is activated through a Red Pocket T-Mobile sim, and not Sprint. Plus I use that particular phone more often than my mom would.

    The moral of the story- inconclusive I suppose- but I am not too thrilled about the service if anything goes awry and trying to get reimbursed for down time. I had tried other cheapy services before such as the now defunct RingPlus and Freedompop, and Red Pocket so far has soundly exceeded what those two offered. FreedomPop for instance on a Sprint iPhone- I would never get better than 3G, and even then the cellular data connection is so shoddy that it cannot be depended on at all. So Red Pocket- very good value but if you have to contact CS- they may not own up to the debacles of the company's making. We have another phone on MintSim- and that has been great and I would definitely recommend that for more regular usage and you have a T-Mobile phone and coverage in your area. Light usage- I would recommend Red Pocket for maximum savings.

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