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NVIDIA Shield Tablet Battery Bulge - Great Service by NVIDIA

Posted on Monday, November 6, 2017 @ 11:16:37 PM CST by David Yee [] [read 3166 times]

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I bought the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 back in late December of 2015. Frankly I have not used it as often as I wanted to. This was mainly because my iPad Mini 2 has always been smoother and gets the job done quick. The Shield Tablet, even when upgraded to Android 7.0, always had issues slowing down & stuttering (sometimes for over 10 seconds).

Recently I powered it up after not using it for a couple of weeks, and noticed that the back cover in the bottom middle of the tablet, had popped open. Right away I suspected it was some sort of battery bulge issue. The Shield had been off and plugged in all this time for over a week. I tried to pop the cover back but it simply would not stay.

The Shield Tablet would still power up and work no problem, but a bulging battery could be a prelude to one that can catch on fire/explode. So I went ahead and shut it down. Before I did, I took a screen shot of the tablet's info section to capture the serial #. It also showed that the battery was version B01.

The tablet was purchased on, and it only had a one year warranty. But I contacted NVIDIA via their support page anyways to see if there was anything they could do. Less than an hour later, I got a reply:


Hello David,

Thank you for contacting NVIDIA Customer Care.

This is Kenny, assisting you in regards to your concern about the battery bulging SHIELD Tablet. To check the possibility of a replacement please share the below requested details.

1. Photo of the serial # from the unit / box

2. Photo / Screenshot of the purchase receipt /

invoice / receipt. (If it's a direct purchase from NVIDIA Online Store then you may share the order #)

3. Photo of the bulged battery.

Full Name:

“Ship to” Address:

Street number:



Zip Code/Postal Code:


Date of purchase :

Phone number (with area code):

Best regards,


NVIDIA Customer Care


I filled out the form, attached the photo, and even though Kenny mentioned that the warranty expired, but still they would RMA it, and even sent a pre-paid Fedex label to ship the defective tablet back to NVIDIA for a replacement:


Hello David,

Thank you for providing the requested information.

I'd like to inform you that the RMA for ST8 K1 has been initiated and required details have been shared with our eRMA team.

After we receive the defective unit, the replacement one would be sent to the provided address, Please do update us if there is any change in the address.

We value you as a customer and for your convenience we will be providing you with a prepaid shipping label to send the defective back to us. Once we receive the defective unit from your end, we will be shipping the replacement device back to you. You'll be receiving Pre-paid shipping label from NVIDIA e-RMA team as an email.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation in this process.

Best Regards,


NVIDIA Customer Care

After the bad Shield was wiped, packaged & then dropped off at a local FedEx Authorized Ship Center a week ago, today I received an email notification that a replacement is on its way from NVIDIA:

Your replacement unit for 1 pc, Part # 940-81761-2500-RW1 , P1761, T124 TN8L-SongBird WIFI ONLY WITH for RMA # 6503030xxxx has been shipped. The tracking number for your shipment is: Tracking No. : 788355146xx

This is certainly a display of excellent customer service and gives me confidence in purchasing NVIDIA products in the future. BTW I can certainly NOT say the same about ASUS which is a brand I have vowed to avoid at all costs.

If you have an NVIDIA K1 Shield Tablet that has a defective battery, do try contacting their customer service and they should help out even if the warranty has expired.

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