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Transferring Away from TPO Wireless - Getting the Account Number

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 @ 10:28:39 AM CST by David Yee [] [read 4528 times]

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So I've had service with TPO Wireless, aka the People's Operator, for nearly a year. On the 14th of last month I decided to switch out. This was mainly because after my 4G LTE data is used up, there is zero data usable, not even at reduced 2G speed. But I found out it too late to cancel as they had already billed me for the next month. For some reason my TPO billing date changed from the 17th to 12th for the last few statements. Very annoying, but whatever- so I decided to do the switch in March instead.

So today was the day I wanted to do the switch, just to have some buffer time. I logged into but could not locate an account number to help with porting out. I do have the pin from account creation. So I scoured their website for the phone number to call, but could not find any. But thankfully a search on Google returned their voice support #:


Called and they asked to verify the name & address on the account. First I asked to cancel and the rep said that would mean the loss of my phone number. Didn't want to do that, so asked for transferring out, and she provided the account number (which is certainly not the phone number). For me it was a 6 digit number. The pin number she provided also matched the one provided when I had started service with TPO.

So I asked how I could prevent from being billed again, and the rep informed me that once the transfer takes place, billing will stop.

Next I used the provided account number and pin on my new provider, MintSim, and everything worked within 10 minutes. Very smooth. I wanted to get a reference on my TPO billing history, but logging back into my account at, I found that I no longer had access to it. All I get is the error message "Looks like you haven't bought a TPO plan yet.":

No big deal, but it just seemed kind of shady. For now, hopefully MintSim will work out as the better service- it certainly was less expensive, especially when you consider that TPO's monthly pricing does not include tax (for me it was about $5 additional a month). Plus, unlike TPO, I like how on Mintsim, the data supposedly does not cut off after the high speed allotment is consumed.

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