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Solution for T-Mobile "You have switch your SIM Card" Error for Tablet Free 200 MB Plan

Posted on Monday, April 18, 2016 @ 03:57:45 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 4946 times]

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I had T-Mobile POST-paid phone service which I recently switched from. I had an iPad Mini 4G LTE attached to the account, and when I called to cancel the phone service, the rep told me that I would be charged $10 a month if I wanted to keep the tablet data plan going. I asked how come because it was supposed to be a free 200 MB for life plan, but she said that I was getting a $10/month discount to offset the cost. So I told her to cancel it, but she offered to convert it to a PREPAID plan so that in case I wanted to use the data I can still purchase a package.

"So I can't get the free 200 MB plan any more"?

"No, " she replied, "but switching to prepaid will enable you to buy data as you need."

I thought whatever so I agreed to have it converted. I thought perhaps I would need to change the SIM card, but she said no need. After several hours I logged into my T-Mobile account and noticed that the iPad had disappeared. And when I tried to test the tablet's cellular data, the iPad gave me the error message that there is no cellular data, and if I would activate. I click activate and got the following error message:

The error read:

We're Sorry... You have switched your SIM card between different devices, so you will need to manage your account through My T-Mobile or the MyAccount app. once you have replaced the orginal SIM card for this device, you may resume managing your account through on-device account maintenance.

Online chat, unfortunately, could not help as you can see:

T-Mobile: We have received your information and will connect you with a T-Mobile Chat Specialist soon.


Cris T: Hi David!
You: Hello
You: the # on the sim card is 890126000276637****
Cris T: Oh, I see.
Cris T: Just to be sure, you want me to activate this SIM for you?
You: sure- it is not activated?
Cris T: As I checked here the SIM card is already activated.
Cris T: One moment as I further check this for you.
You: I'm getting the error "We're sorry.... you have switched your SIM card between different devices...." when I use ConnectMe
Cris T: Just to be sure, you're trying to have data service only for this line?
You: Yes it is an iPad mini
Cris T: Thanks, one moment.
Cris T: Just to be sure, you want to have call and text as well on this line?
You: No it's just a tablet
Cris T: Thank you. One moment please
Cris T: Got it now.
Cris T: As I checked here the plan you have right now is for voiceline reason why you are unable to get service.
Cris T: May I know which plan in Mobile Internet for prepaid you're looking into?
You: That's strange because I never switched sims. Basically I had postpaid voice service which I cancelled today, and the person I spoke to on the phone said she would convert the tablet into a prepaid plan.
You: I'm just interested in the 200 MB free plan and any other pay as you go plans.
Cris T: Thank you for the wait.
Cris T: As I can see here Pay As you Go plans are only for voice lines.
You: So I can no longer get data on this tablet? That's what you're saying?
Cris T: I am afraid to say that you may need to get a new SIM card and please call our Prepaid customer care to convert the plan for you to Mobile Internet plan.
Cris T: You may also convert and activate to our stores.
You: That's strange because the person I spoke to said she converted the tablet to prepaid- so what happened???
You: She said I don't have to change the sim card.
Cris T: Yes she converted it to prepaid but it was converted to a prepaid for voicelines.
Cris T: We may need to change to a new SIM card for your tablet.
Cris T: And activate it to the Mobile internet prepaid plan.
You: So because of her mess up I have to get a new SIM card? You can't convert it to prepaid mobile internet plan?
Cris T: I would really love to help you convert it to Mobile Internet plan but only our prepaid team can help you in converting to Mobile Internet plan at 1-877-778-2106
You: So if I call that #, they can do it without me needing to get a new SIM?
Cris T: Yes, please since it is activated already in a voiceline.
You: Okay I will try that
Cris T: Thank you very much for understanding.
Cris T: Anything else I can help you?
You: No that is it thanks

So I called the number, and the lady was able to re-pair the iPad's IMEI (when I had to find out by going to Settings, General, About) with the SIM card's ICCID. She said it would take 2 hours for the system to register the change. But even after 24 hours, it still didn't work (same SIM card has moved between devices error message). So I called back and it turns out it hadn't been changed- and this particular representative said she will be changing it to a "Hotspot" plan, and that it would take up to another 2 hours to work. After hanging up, I tried again and voila, this time it shows the "Let's get you set up" message. That was pretty much instantaneous, so if you ever run into this problem, be sure to try it before ending the customer service call because if it doesn't, it likely means thte rep did not properly re-categorize the SIM/service in the system.

When I logged into my existing account through the T-Mobile ConnectMe on the tablet, it did NOT show the free 200 meg plan. So I picked "cancel service", which reset things and then I was able to select the 200 MB free plan under "Plain and Simple". But when I logged into my existing account, it seemed like it registered but still did NOT work. Back on the ConnectMe screen it was back to the "Let's Get Started" page. Now it doesn't even show the free plan- only a zero data plan described as "No Data For Me Today, Thanks!". WTF. But after a couple hours, I received an email from T-Mobile that indicated the free plan was indeed activated, and that the tablet had taken on a brand new "phone number". So if you run into a similar issue after being able to pick the 200MB plan, wait a couple hours and see if works after that, espcially after you receive a "T-Mobile: Welcome to Mobile Internet!" and a "Promotional Pass" email.

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