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QuickBooks Pro 2015 Does not Support Intuit Online Payroll + "Upgrade" Experience from Microsoft Office Accounting

Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2015 @ 01:14:02 AM CST by David Yee [] [read 8201 times]

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The other day had a very nice offer on QuickBooks 2015 Pro (50% off discount after coupon). Since I already use Intuit Online Payroll, and wanted to upgrade from the now defunct Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 software, I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade at this point. Certainly I had high hopes that it would speed up the process of preparing my S-Corporation 1120S tax return for this year.

My first impressions of QB 2015 Pro after installing it were:

  • It was slow to load.

  • The sub-windows inside the main application become so cluttered that before long you could have 5 or 6 windows open obscuring and distracting from your task

  • There were so many darn menu options on the bar and up top that it boggled my eyes and mind. See the top screen shot pic of the article as an example.
  • It served as a marketing gateway to get you to buy other Intuit products. In fact, Intuit tracks your usage by default unless you turn off the "feature".

Ugh. I must give it a try, I thought- after all, I just spent $150 for it. I have MS Office Accounting (MSOA) on an XP virtual machine because after I had upgraded to Windows 8 on my main PC, I could no longer install it. I knew that Intuit had a data converter tool that would allow the import of data from MSOA into QuickBooks. Unfortunately, QuickBooks 2015 does not install on XP machines.

So I had to:

  1. Power up an older PC still running Windows 7, which had a copy of MSOA installed

  2. Export MSOA data from XP virtual machine, and import that into Win 7 PC

  3. Install the Quickbooks Conversion Tool, ran it and got an error message saying that Quickbooks needed to be installed

  4. Installed Quickbooks 2K15 on the Win 7 PC, then ran the converter tool; it took nearly half an hour but it was able to create a QBW file

  5. Open the QBW file in Quickbooks Pro on my main Windows 8.1 PC, and after some template file opening & new version upgrade, etc., it worked

  6. Oh cool, so I thought. So I ran some reports such as Profit/Loss to make sure things are looking okay. But one big problem I noticed right away was that for the report for 2013 and earlier came up to all ZEROS for income and expenses. Yikes. 2014 looked fine, but again anything older than that were zip.

    I thought fine, maybe it has something to do with those older fiscal years being closed. So I set that issue aside, and investigated getting my Intuit Online Payroll (IOP) account integrated with Quickbooks. Clicking on "Add Payroll" on the sidebar, kept getting a subscribe to Payroll option, but no where could I find an option to add my existing IOP account.

    I dug around, and figured that oh, I have to enter a QuickBooks Service Key. That must be it!

    No where in IOP, however, could I locate this "key". So I called them up, and they said "You need to contact the desktop division to get the key". Okay, so I got transferred there, and the guy told me- "You need to call the Online Payroll for the key". WTF? Anyways, to make a long story short, a tech guy I spoke to later on told me point blank that Quickbooks 2015 Pro Desktop does NOT support Intuit Online Payroll. He said that he would pass the word to the products department to request this feature in the future.

    I then fussed with this One-Click feature (which only worked from Internet Explorer) from IOP to export paycheck data to Quickbooks, and that was a mess. Only a few records were exported, and for only one employee. Then I tried IIF export from IOP, then import to Quickbooks, and kept getting an annoying error message complaining about "line 9 an account type cannot be changed" or whatever. I manually edited the IIF file and changed the record from OCLIAB (current liability) account to EXP (expense), and it worked. But the nightmare continued as I noticed that somehow it had imported duplicate records of 5 sets each, and still for only one employee. I tried to mass delete the duplicate transactions all at the same time, but apparently, QuickBooks cannot do that. Throughout the entire ordeal, I sought help online numerous times from the Intuit Quickbooks website, but more often than not, I got the following error after clicking on links from Google or Bing:

    I had enough of this absurdity, and after hours of the debacle, did not want to waste any more time on the "upgrade". I had purchased the electronic download version of the QuickBooks from Newegg, which absolutely does not do any refund on those. Thankfully Intuit has a 60 day money-back policy on the software. The instructions on the website said to call 800-446-8848. I did, and after over 15 minutes of waiting, I was told that I had to send an email, and wait over a month for a refund check. Now couldn't they have just put that info on the original page to save me a phone call and more time wasted?

    So I am back to using trusty old Microsoft Office Accounting. Returning to it is akin to receiving a friendly embrace that provided a warm and fuzzy feeling. My eyes are so much happier with the simpler, easier-to-use interface, despite the software not being updated since 2009. Too bad Microsoft abandoned MSOA because I would pay $ for a new version, like I did the old one (tough luck for me since they made it free later on). A company such as Apple, which is so good at design, could likely make a beautiful and powerful accounting app that I and I'm sure many others would be interested as well.

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