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How to Get Windows Media Center Small Icons Listing in Windows 7 or 8

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 @ 11:19:48 PM CST by David Yee [] [read 4394 times]

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So I had just upgraded my main PC and installed Windows 8 plus the limited-time free Windows Media Center that you can get for it. This new PC also replaces the former computer (which was running Windows 7) in streaming Windows Media Center shows to my Windows Media Center Extenders (a pair of Xbox 360's). I ran into a problem though. When I went to browse my recorded shows, I saw a listing of shows across the screen in a film-strip like manner using large icons/thumbnails of the videos. See the screen shot below:

When I was using Windows 7 Media Center, I remember having the same issue with both on the PC itself and the extenders. I had adjusted it where it was showing small icons instead of these large thumbnails. A smaller icon listing definitely was a much better way to browse the recording especially if you have a decent number of shows.

I searched around on Bing and Google but just couldn't find any solution, quick-hit or other wise. I looked all over the settings but didn't see any option the change how toe reduce the display of the big icons.

Then I RIGHT-clicked with my mouse on the Recorded TV screen, and yes- the option showed up to "View List".

This is so much better and less time consuming to find the show you want to watch at the moment. See the screen shot below:

But then there's the issue of how to do this on the Media Center Extender- specifically the Xbox 360. Obviously there's no right-click. So I played around with the buttons, and it turns out the blue X button does it.

Hopefully this helps anyone else out there running Windows 8 Media Center or Windows 7 MC and are looking to do the same thing!

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