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HP DM3 Break Key Location

Posted on Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 01:24:56 AM CDT by David Yee [] [read 10974 times]

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I like my HP DM3 laptop, or to be more specific, the HP Pavilion dm3-3012nr. It's run well for me the past 1 1/2 years I've had it, but one thing I could not figure out was where the heck was the BREAK key. For those instances where I have to hit CONTROL-BREAK, and most recently, when I have to hit CTRL-ALT-BREAK in a Windows Remote Desktop session to re-maximize the screen. That's an annoying issue BTW where remote desktop from my DM3 running Windows 7 does NOT remember to do a full screen. Every time I disconnect, it gets reset to 1366x768, and often times in the middle of a session it would reset to non-full screen with scroll-bars. Grrrr! But CONTROL-ALT-BREAK will re-maximize it. Problem was, I did not know where in the world the BREAK key is located on the DM3. Typically it would be one of the function keys on a laptop, for instance F12 + the function key. But no- on the DM3 F12 turns off the Wi-Fi radio. I scoured the internet and looked in the manual for the DM3, but no go.

Today- however- I stumbled upon how to get the key to work. The Break key is often times the same key as the "Pause", and low and behold, there is a "Pause" key on the HP DM3. It is located on the right SHIFT key below the right ENTER key. So holding the "fn" key + the right "shift" key will provide the "break". Finally I can do a CTRL-ALT-BREAK on the DM3! BTW I also found a decent-working solution for the problematic trackpad/touchpad on the DM3. It's annoying when I type and accidentally activate the touchpad and the cursor jumps/moves and I start typing where I don't want. Download the free utility called "TouchFreeze" (search for it on Bing or Google) and you will find that it makes a notable difference for those of you with a DM3 or another laptop with the sensitive touchpad issue while typing.

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Posted by Jerome P. (7 years ago)

This helped me

Man I was scratching my head trying to figure out where the BREAK key was on my DM3-1130US. Great tip. Thanks a bunch.

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