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Setup Ceton InfiniTV 4 with Windows 7 and Time Warner Cable, Part II

Posted on Saturday, September 17, 2011 @ 08:32:11 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 7070 times]

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So I finally received my Time Warner CableCard Self Installation Kit today via Fedex (signature required). It took 2 calls and over 3 weeks to finally get it. My previous attempt at using an existing CableCARD from my TiVO HD for the InfiniTV did not go well so I had decided to go for a new card. The "kit" consisted only of the Cablecard, a FedEx return label, and an instruction sheet. Surprisingly, the Ceton InfiniTV 4 was listed as the 3 example devices on the sheet. There was no tuner adapter in the sheet, so that required a separate call to customer service to have them send it to me.

After I inserted the Multistream Card (M-Card) into the InfiniTV 4 and fired up the Centon InfiniTV Diagnostic Tool, under the CableCARD tab I noticed the following message:

"Your CableCARD is currently in the process of updating it's firmware.

Please wait for it to complete. If it doesn't ever finish please contact your cable company for a replacement CableCARD."

See screenshot below:

I closed out of the tool and ran it again 5 minutes later and went back to the CableCARD tab, but same "firmware update" message.

5 minutes later I checked again- now I was greeted with the following stop message:

"CableCARD is not receiving messages yet.
Please check signal connection, or replace CableCARD."

Odd- can't be the signal or else it couldn't have finished up the firmware update.

Anyways I went ahead and called the Time Warner CableCARD Special Support number provided on the self install sheet at 1-866-606-5889 to pair up the CableCARD with the device. The Time Warner Cablecard tech indicated that I was only showing as having one cablecard on my account (for the Tivo HD) and that I had to call the regular customer service in order to add the card (and the monthly $2.59 charge) to my service. Did that, called the CableCARD help # back, but still no go- the tech told me that the card was not added to my account and that the rep would have had to ask for the CableCARD serial number (PK number) in order to add the equipment properly to my account. WTF?! So I called back regular customer service but this time asked for tech support. Took OVER HALF AN HOUR, but This time apparently the card was properly added to my account because afterwards when I ran the Centon Diagnostic Tool again the "CableCARD is not receiving messages yet" message was gone. It showed OOB Locked, Receiving OOB Messages, and the only error was that "CableCARD has not received CP Auth".

So TIP: Ask for Cable TV tech support instead of regular customer service when adding the CableCARD to your account to save yourself time. And if you are getting the "CableCARD is not receiving messages yet" error that means your cable provider has not yet registered the card in its system for your account yet.

I called back the CableCard self install number and provided the CableCARD lady (got a woman this time after over 20 minutes on hold) the CableCARD ID and HOST ID given by the Ceton Tool. All I had to do was tell her the HOST ID and she said she was sending the "hits" to the card right now. And from the HOST ID she was able to tell it is a Ceton InfiniTV. She explained that the FIRST 4 digits of the HOST ID indicates the device. For instance a Tivo will have a HOST ID starting with 0-350, while the Ceton will show 0-570.

After restarting the Ceton Diagnostic Tool I got nothing but GREEN CHECKMARKS- CP Authorization was received and everything looked good. Amazing. So after HOURS on the phone and a lot of trial and tribulation, my Ceton InfiniTV is now properly paired with a Time Warner CableCARD. I went and redid the Windows Media Center setup and ooops- got the "Call your Cable Company message":

Tuner 1
In order to start service for this device please call

CableCARD ID: my_cablecard_id

Host ID: my_host_id

But it turned out that it's just a default screen and when I click NEXT, picked my cable TV provider, everything works! Now I just need to get the Tuning Adapter and it will be all set!

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