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OnLive QoS Router Setting Fixes Lag and Network Problem Error

Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 @ 03:20:36 AM CDT by David Yee [] [read 8255 times]

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I tried out Onlive but was beset with terrible lag. The game I tried was Batman Arkham Asylum and from the get go it was unplayable. Even to start the game by clicking on the Batman symbol took over 30 seconds of aiming and clicking. Once in the game the action was not much better- pressing keys and moving the mouse were met with terrible lags. Occasionally I would get a "Network Problem" error message from OnLive as well.

Now I'm running Time Warner cable broadband which provides up to 10 MBps downstream and up to 1 Mbp upstream. Onlive specifies that 3 MBps is the minimum and 5 MBps is the recommended speed. So I should have enough bandwidth to play OnLive at an acceptable level.

I thought okay maybe I can reduce the resolution from the default of 1280x720 (720P), but apparently there isn't an option to do so either from the OnLive website nor the game client itself. The only option under Video was brightness/gamma adjustment.

So I thought if there's only a way to set QOS on my router (an ASUS running Tomatao) to optimize Onlive. Doing a search for "Onlive QOS" and "OnLive UDP" showed that the cloud-based gaming service uses outgoing destination UDP ports 16384-16640. So I went to the QoS section of my Tomato router and added the following rule:

Any Address, UDP Dst Port 16384-16640 with the priority High. You might want to do "Highest" if you'd like.

See screenshot below:

Saved the setting, and voila- the terrible lag in OnLive is GONE and I was able to play the game just fine. Even though my router is Tomato based you should be able to easily setup the same QoS rule with a DD-WRT router or any other router that supports QoS. Hope this helps anyone out there trying out OnLive and was getting frustrated with the slow speed, network problem, latency issues and lag.

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Posted by Sam (7 years ago)


Thanks for this. I took advantage of Onlive's $1 game promotion but it had so much latency and lag I was pulling my hair out. After setting the rules described on my D-Link router it's working great and is very responsive. I'll be sharing this with my gaming buds.

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