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TouchPad Won't Turn On After Update: Works After Reset

Posted on Monday, August 29, 2011 @ 03:29:56 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 4013 times]

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Today when I was using my new HP Touchpad a message popped up showing that a webOS update to 3.02.68 was available from HP. The version that was on it was 3.0.0. I went ahead and let it perform the update and plugged it back into the USB charger. About half an hour later I went to check on its progress but all that showed on the Touchpad was a blank screen. Hitting the Center or Power buttons didn't do anything. Seems like it just won't boot up. Yikes!

To my relief though, after doing a reset on the Touchpad by holding the power button and the Center button for 15 seconds, the HP button appeared. Then it was replaced by a circle with two slivers going around it inside. A message saying "Installing Update" displayed below the screen. After about about 11 minutes, the glowing HP button came up again indicating that the Touchpad was booting up. After another minute and a half or so, I was greeted with the message:

"Update Installed. The system update HP webOS 3.0.2 68 was successfully installed. Your new software is available immediately.

HP webOS system update 3.0.2 offers improvements in the following areas: Calendar, Email, Music, Photos & Videos, Text Assist, Web Browser, webOS system, and Security."

Sounds good! Before I even hit the Done button though I noticed that the Software Manager shows that 3 additional updates are now available to install. Going to the HP App Catalog brought up Pivot, a magazine for the Touchpad from HP. From there I was able to download HP MovieStore, Moodagent, iHeartradio, Language Translator, WeatherBug, and Where to Eat. Interestingly if you flip the Touchpad from portrait to landscape or vice versa in the Pivot magazine you get a different background photo for the page you are on.

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