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HP Touchpad vs Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Posted on Friday, August 26, 2011 @ 10:42:25 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 4145 times]

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After a couple of hours of using both devices, here are my observations on the differences in comparing the HP Touchpad powered by webOS 3.0.0 vs Asus Eee Pad Transformer running Android 3.2.

  • The HP Touchpad is noticeably smaller than the Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet but is yet quite a bit heavier.

  • No microSD or SD card slot for the Touchpad for expansion. The Eee Pad Transformer lets you insert a microSD card.

  • The Touchpad doesn't come with a rear-facing camera.

  • The Touchpad seems a little thicker, and the feel is more glossy and slipperier than the textured back of the Eee Pad.

  • Initial boot up time took like 2 minutes- at first I thought the Touchpad froze or something. The Eee Pad booted in less than half a minute. Seems like putting the Touchpad to sleep is a good idea vs shutting it down if you are using it often.

  • To change the timezone on the Touchpad is not as easy as it should be- you actually have to type and search for your timezone. On the Eee Pad the time zone was easily selected during the setup process.

  • Apps seem to launch a little more slowly than the Eee Pad. The HP App Catalog for instance took over a minute to load. You just keep seeing the pulsating HP shopping bag icon. Then I got the message:

    "The action could not be completed.
    Try again later."

    But trying again finally got me in.

  • Frequent timeouts on the HP App Catalog when searching for apps or loading an app description. It could be tons of new $99 HP Touchpad owners pounding and overloading it. Gets frustrating though.

  • I was able to download and install multiple apps at the same time with the Touchpad. With the Eee Pad I had to go to each individual app page to install.

  • the HP App Catalog has a much more intuitive interface than the Android Market interface. For instance I can easily filter apps by category and free. In Android Market it's annoying how you can only view the top free apps for each category and not an entire list.

  • Facebook app came built-in with the Touchpad. I couldn't even find or install the Facebook app in the Android Market- I guess Google is wary of promoting any other social marketing platform than their own in Google Plus. I find this interesting since Google in the past that derided Microsoft for anti-competitive practices in Windows but now it seems Google is doing the same with Android.

  • For the Touchpad I wish there was a finger-gesture that will let you go back to a previous screen instead of having to rely on the Center button.

  • The Touchpad app switching interface is more intuitive. It is especially very cool to be able to switch to the web browser and if you have multiple "tabs" open be able to select the tab/window you want from the "stack".

  • Web pages seem to render and load faster on the Eee Pad.

  • Closing a window on the HP Touchpad is pretty sweet- just hit the CENTER button, pick the Window/card you want to close, and drag it upwards and off the screen. On my Eee Pad most of the apps cannot be closed and clutters up the task list. Apparently it's a "feature" of Android.

  • To "minimize" an app you flick your finger from the bottom edge upwards- this way you don't have to use the center button

  • Overall the HP Touchpad seems more enjoyable to use but the Eee Pad is faster and has much more app support. If somehow the webOS can get more apps the Touchpad can certainly be a contender- it's too bad HP has already thrown in the towel on the device. But with the massive buying activity for the Touchpad thanks to the drastic price cut, there is going to be a sizable market for apps. So it remains to be seen how the scenario will play out and how the webOS may retain viability, evolve, and somehow defeat obsolescence. It's swimming against the tide but there may be a ray of hope for survival.

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