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Time Warner Cablecard Self Installation Now Available

Posted on Friday, August 26, 2011 @ 04:18:41 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 4885 times]

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In a previous article I was trying to get the Ceton InfiniTV to work with the cablecard I pulled from my Tivo HD. Basically Time Warner customer service couldn't do it over the phone and sent someone out. The interesting thing is that the tech who came over who I thought was supposedly was going to fix the problem with the cablecard claimed that he doesn't do installs and that I wasn't supposed to "move equipment". I was not allowed to take the cablecard from my Tivo and plug it into the InfiniTV. To my chagrin, he left without doing anything with the InfiniTV and instructed me to call customer service and ask for an install.

Now what I've read, the FCC is mandating that cable companies provide customers with the ability to perform self-install staring August 8, 2011. Armed with that piece of info, and not wanting to pay the $30 fee that Time Warner wants for an installation, I called CS and asked to do a self-install.

The person I spoke to pretty much just told me to go to the local Time Warner service depot and "see if they have one" for me to pickup and use and that there was "no way" she could contact the local TW office. I was like WTF- you can't check for me if they do have one for sure? After some more checking with supervisors she told me that yes they do have it for sure and I can go pick one up.

That was a couple days ago, but I've been busy so today I decided to just have the tech come out and do the cablecard install and pay the $30. I called up Time Warner and asked for a tech to come out and do a cablecard install on my new Tivo (that's what you're supposed to tell them so they bring you the right card, an m-card). The rep asked me an interesting question:

"Would you like us to ship it to you or pick it up yourself?"

Huh? I thought- well of course ship it to me so I don't have to drive 15 miles to the service depot. I also asked for a tuning adapter and she said it would also be shipped to me free of charge no problem. She said that instructions would be included. I asked so I would call back to pair up the cablecard and my device and get it authorized once I receive it? She said yes.

Apparently Time Warner has started offering self-install kits on cablecards. I can't be sure until I receive it the middle of next week. I will post an update once I receive it.

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