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Find Asus Eee Pad MAC Address, Setup and First Impressions

Posted on Friday, August 19, 2011 @ 03:00:12 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 7598 times]

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I received my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 tablet today. It felt a litter heavier than I expected, but not too bad at all. I powered it on and after about 20 seconds it asked me to setup the language and keyboard options, and then the Wi-fi wireless settings. But oops- I use MAC address filtering so I needed to find the mac address for the Eee Pad before it could connect. I looked on the box it came with- on the bottom there was a label showing stuff such as Customer P/N, EAN, P/N, the UPC (which is 6 10839 38940 8), Serial Number, and Check Number. It also swhoed that the EEE Pad Transformer is made in China, but no mac address. I wasn't surprised since having the mac address displayed on the outside of the box could pose some security issues. So I looked around the Eee Pad itself- nope- nothing except the serial # on a small transparent sticker itself.

So I had to skip the network setup step, and later on I was taken to the home screen. I must say the screen looks fantastic- very bright and vibrant. There's definitely a wow factor for someone like me who is used to typical computer LCD monitors. But back locating the mac address for teh Eee Pad. I "clicked" (or should I say, touched) on the little wireless icon on the bottom right hand corner, then touched the name of my wireless AP which the Eee Pad already found, then went to "Settings". I then went to "Wifi Settings" but still could not find it. I fiddled with it around some more and saw that if you go under "About This Tablet", "Status" you will find it under "Wi-fi MAC Address". The screen also shows the IP address and serial number as well as the Bluetooth address.

Hope this helps anyone out there trying to find the MAC address for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer (and any other Android tablet!). Maybe in a future version of Android it would be nice to have the tablet show you its MAC address during the Wi-fi setup step.

Another interesting of note- once I connected the Eee Pad to the internet, it showed a notification of a system update. I tried to do the update but apparently the 21% battery life on there wasn't good enough for the 25% threshold in order to do an update. After it was charged up above 25% I tried the update again and within a couple minutes I noticed that the system was upgraded from Android 3.1 to Android 3.2. Nice!

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