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Setup Ceton InfiniTV 4 with Windows 7 and Time Warner Cable, Part I

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 02:39:44 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 6761 times]

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I was running a Tivo HD but got tired of its problems downloading program guide- every week or so I would be met with a message saying that the program guide data was running out- please connect to TivO. So I bought a Ceton InfiniTV to replace the Tivo HD. Here are the steps I went through:

  • I used a signal splitter to split the signal going into my cable modem and the Cisco TA1520 Tuning Adapter that I had received for the TiVO HD.

  • I then plugged in the cablecard that was in My TiVO HD into the Ceton InfiniTV 4.

  • I opened up the case for my Windows 7 computer and plugged the Ceton InfiniTV 4 in an empty PCI-e slot. Mine was a short brown short PCI-e slot, which is an x1. Then I connected a coax cable from the Cisco TA1520 Tuning Adapter to the dongle from the Centon InfiniTV.

  • I went to and clicked on the link:

    "Ceton InfiniTV Installer ( for Windows 7" and saved the file:


    to the Desktop.

  • I ran the installer and it hung on where it says it was downloading the adviser tool x64.msi. I aborted it Huh? I went to the Device Manager and could find no trace of any new card installed. So I shutdown the computer, opened the case again and found that the Centon card was not seated all the way into the PCI-e slot. After ensuring it's properly inserted in there, I turned on the computer again and noticed a bright blue light coming from the InfiniTV card that I didn't see before- bingo.

  • Once back into Windows I re-ran the ceton_infinitv_setup exe file and this time it was able to complete setup/download. It asked for a reboot which I obliged.

  • I ran the Ceton InfiniTV Diagnostic Tool that was installed. It took about 10 seconds before it could find the card which brought forth a big sigh of relief. The firmware was showing as 1.0.2 and that was availabe, so I clicked on the firmeware update link to download and install. The process took about 5 minutes.

  • I then went to the CableCARD tab of the Diagnostic Tool and everything had a green checkmark except where it said "CableCARD got CP Authorization"- that had a red stop sign next to it. Apparently Time Warner cable tied the CableCARD to my Tivo HD and is not allowing for the Ceton InfiniTV to work with it. See screen shot below:

  • So I called up tech support, and after about 15 minutes of working on it, I noticed that the red stop sign had disappeared for CP Auth but now a magnifying glass appeared next to CableCard Entitlement. Then they worked on it some more, but now I get a red stop sign again for CP Auth and the CableCARD Entitlement still showed a magnifying glass. See the screen shot below:

    After another hour on the phone, the tech indicates that the HOST ID I provided them keeps coming up as invalid. In Windows Media Center, I was getting:

    In order to start service for
    this device please call

    CableCARD ID: not-shown

    Host ID: not-shown


    Later on I went to the default IP of for the InfiniTV in my browser and saw that the signal level was showing -18.3 dBmV which was kind of low. I switched out the signal splitter and the level was improved to -17.5 dBmV. So called and spoke to another Time Warner representative and but no go- can't enter the HOST ID. So now I'm waiting for a tech to come back to troubleshoot during the weekend. They assure me that the CableCard was still paired with my Tivo HD, but when I plugged it back into the Tivo it gave that "In order to start service" message. I called back the next day and a tech was able to fix it after about an hour on the phone. Definitely not fun stuff. I will provide more upate on this saga after the Time Warner tech comes by and (hopefully) help get the InfiniTV and the CableCard paired up.

    Read part 2 of the adventure in getting the CableCard PCIe adapter to work with Time Warner Cable.

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