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Pentagon halts Internet voting system

Posted on Friday, February 6, 2004 @ 06:22:09 PM CST by David Yee [] [read 2660 times]

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[excerpt] Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz has halted a Pentagon project that would have allowed military personnel, including troops deployed overseas, to vote via the Internet in the November presidential election.

Wolfowitz said the ...

The Defense Department will continue to investigate other methods of electronic voting, but at this point it is not clear if any effort will be in place by Election Day. There have been other failed ...

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2004-02-11 14:20:5899The real reason Paul Wolfowitz cancelled the Internet Voting for military because Bush fears the backlash that is going to come from all the forces he sent to Iraq for 4 months and extended for 12-18 months or more!. A lot of young guys are National Guard that stepped up to their duty unlike Bush who was AWOL for year. The pentagon cited a professional paranoia report from 4 of 10 so-called security experts (who are anti electronic voting of any kind). I read the report and am very familiar with the internet voting system and the security threat examples that are given in the report are either totally inaccurate or would be so difficult to accomplish as to render cyber attacks completely ineffective. By canceling the internet voting system, all voting will have to be done by mail from Iraq what a joke. Remember Florida 2000 when the majority of overseas ballots werent received until after it was over!!. In general over 50% of absentee ballots either do not make it to the voter for completion or never make it back in time.