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MS Windows Multiple Prompts: How to do NO to ALL

Posted on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 @ 09:03:00 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 2826 times]

Tips: Windows-world
Have you ever gotten those prompts where a window pops up and asks you question such as "Replace all files with the same name?", and the the choices are 'YES', 'YES to ALL', and 'NO'? Usually there's no button for "NO to ALL", but you can emulate the same effect if you hold down the SHIFT key while pressing 'NO'. It might not work under all versions of Windows, but sure works for Windows XP.

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2003-07-22 10:08:2480I've been fine tuning my system and when I looked into msconfig I deselected a bunch of worthless items that were installed by programs I no longer use or need. My questions is: How do I delete lines in mscofig that have been deselected? I would like to remove the clutter.