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Xbox: Perfect for Server Farms?

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 @ 08:10:05 PM CDT by David Yee [] [read 4584 times]

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[excerpt] People want to port Linux to the Xbox because it is a pretty powerful machine, sporting a 733 MHz Pentium III, and Microsoft will generously be selling it at a loss to keep the price -- around US$300 -- in line with other consoles. That price includes 64 megabytes of memory, a DVD drive, 100 Mbps Ethernet, and an 8-gigabyte hard disk.

Now consider a Web server. Those machines are often run "headless" anyway, without a local keyboard, mouse, or monitor, and are administered remotely. All they need is a network tap. So imagine Apache ported to be an Xbox "game." The port shouldn't be that difficult, since Microsoft is shipping Xbox Development Kits and developers can use the same development tools they use for Windows applications. Unlike porting Linux, you wouldn't need to re-implement the entire operating system, just write an application that runs on top of it, like any other game developer.

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2001-06-04 23:12:5424Er nope. Been in Southern Cal throughout. There must be like thousands of David Yee's you know :-). Hope you find your friend though.
2001-06-04 21:21:5523david,
are you the david yee that went to hazen high school in renton wash?class of 71?we are having a 30 class reunion in july. if so call 1-425-228-3326.thats robin forsythe number for details. i was in english class with you and we used to have erazer fights. you with black slacks and me in black short skirts..if you are the right one we used to have fun.well hope your the right one. if so e-mail me (} bye jan
2001-04-14 19:33:1112I thought the PS2 uses Linux? I could be wrong though. Personally I can't wait to get an Xbox either. Microsoft is actually losing like $100 for each Xbox they sell. Like any video game console the big money maker is games.


2001-04-14 18:00:3211You gotta remember, PS2 doesn't have a Hard drive, and doesn't run a known OS. Dreamcast runs a version of Windows CE, and it can be booted from CDR, something PS2 can't do.
2001-04-12 12:27:198I don't believe MS will make it so easy for the Xbox to crack. PS2 is a good example; it's a powerful machine but you don't really see people using it much for anything else other than games. It'd be sweet if the memory can be upgraded from 64 though.
2001-04-12 06:57:437I think the Xbox will be the dream-come-true for those who like to hack, and it will probably threaten the sales of home PCs. And why pay $400 for a GeForce 3 when you can get an Xbox that has faster graphics + all the extras? Can't wait to get my hands on an Xbox....