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Use the [Print Scrn] key to do a screen capture

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 @ 01:54:28 AM CDT by David Yee [] [read 8158 times]

Tips: Windows-world
Back in the DOS days, pressing the [Print Scrn] key would automatically output what's on the screen to the printer port LPT1. In Windows the key will instead capture the entire screen in raw bitmap format into memory. You can then paste the contents into Paint or a program like Photoshop. If you just want a screen shot of the current window instead of the entire desktop, simply click on the window and press Alt + [Print Scrn].

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2002-08-15 20:48:1951No because this is an operating-system feature. If the person can see it on their monitor then there's nothing I know of that you can do to prevent him or her from doing a screen capture of it.
2002-04-19 09:38:5645Is there a way to stop this feature from working when accessing a website? I have a site that I don't want people to screen print.