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Windows XP's "SFC /SCANNOW"

Posted on Sunday, November 10, 2002 @ 09:10:50 PM CST by David Yee [] [read 9612 times]

Tips: Windows-world
If you ever get a "Windows explorer has encounter a problem and needs to close" error with "AppName:explorer.exe Modname:shell32.dll", try putting in your Windows XP CD, then go to start, run, and type in:


This initializes the System File Checker which will check all your system files for corruption and replace from the Windows XP CD as necessary.

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Windows XP's "SFC /SCANNOW" Rating: 2.1/5 (12 votes cast)

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2004-01-19 22:14:1396After 2 ½ years of problems I have just realized (Jan. 19, 2004) that it was the “All-in-Wander 128 Pro” the source of my problems. I had an 800 Mhz AMD PC using this video card; the computer got dormant every time I logged into Windows 98 SE I had to wait a couple of minutes to start working. Additionally, from time to time my computer stop responding for about a minute. I had to cross my arms and wait for it to come back to live.

Because of all that, I decided to change my computer, I got a 2.6 Ghz computer, ASUS P4P800, with an Intel CPU, and WindowsXP, then things got from bad to worst, I managed to install the operating system, but then I started to get “ has encounter a problem and needs to close”, the computer decided to reboot by itself from time to time, and from time to time I got blue screens of dead with memory dumps.

There was no driver conflicts at all, I updated all drivers anyway, I did a BIOS update, etc. I turned off some BIOS options. When I turned “Performance Mode” from “Automatic” to “Standard” things improved a little but the problems was still there. When I updated the All-in-Wander driver things started to get even worst, then I realized that the card could be the problem. I got another video card, Gforce, from a friend and Walá my computer is now beautiful, so much that I am writing this review for all my friends out there.

I don’t thing ATI has changed much its chips and drivers. The way I see it, they have improved speed and another few things on the same base and adapted the AGP from 2X, to 4X to 8X just to sell, but the basics are stills there. I lost confidence on ATI All-in-Wander cards at all. Looking back I cannot imagine that I paid CND$260 dollars for that card, just because I wanted to get some family videos digitalized. Now I am going to get a Plextor’s ConvertX encoder for that and forget all those “I-Wander-Why-All-in-one” cards.

I almost forgot, it was good that ATI changed to encode into MPEG-2, but it was horrible that they did not provid a way to convert all those non-standard AVI files to MPEG-2. I ended up with a bunch of AVI files that cannot be red by the majority of decoders, only the ATI file player can do it. I called support and they told me that I have to find the converter by my self. I downloaded four different converters and none could read ATI’s AVI files, they can read other AVI files, but not ATI’s. If ATI did it once it can do it again.