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Fix Outlook reminders

Posted on Sunday, November 10, 2002 @ 08:55:46 PM CST by David Yee [] [read 5714 times]

Tips: Windows-world
If you use Outlook (not Outlook Express) and the reminders stop working, go to Start, Run, and type:

outlook /cleanreminders

That usually will fix the problem.

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2003-06-28 14:55:1977I do have all the latest patches installed, but I don't think that reinstalling Outlook is the fix. I have tried this. In fact, all other areas of Outlook remain functional.

All that happens, at no set time interval and with no set pattern of use, is that any and all reminders, be they tasks, appointments in the calender, or flags set to remind... no reminders pop up, and calendar dates in the mini-calendar which would normally be bold are all not bold.

2003-05-12 14:22:4172Well.. it's more like if I leave my PDA in its cradle and close Outlook, Outlook.exe remains as an active process. Taking it out of the cradle, thus far, ends that process and no Outlook.exe's remain. The problem I'm having, regardless of whether or not my PDA is in its cradle, is that reminders stop popping. The only way I know for sure that it has happened "again" is that the mini-calendar in Outlook Calendar shows BOLD numbers for the dates with stuff going on. When I see that all of my dates are NOT bold, I know it has happened again. Any ideas?
2003-05-05 15:19:4371I've seen this before. It seems ActiveSync causes a second instance of outlook. If you try running detect and repair, you get a dialog box saying you have to close outlook to run this program. Go to Task Manager and stop the outlook.exe. After closing this, reopen outlook and see if the reminders pop up.
2003-04-22 17:43:5868David,

Before finding your not above, I'd read about this in a book I purchased so that I can learn how to maximize my use of Outlook 2000.

Usually I'll just close Outlook, make sure there are no other Outlook processes running (I have W2K SP3) and then reopen.

I have PocketPC 2002 with ActiveSync 3.6, AND SpamNet by Cloudmark installed. Any chance these tools may cause this issue? OR.. is this just fact of using Outlook 2000?

I hope Outlook 2003 addresses this and other issues.

I'd appreciate a reply. This is hurting me badly.

Bram Scolnick